Buying or Selling Real Estate in Tucson?19

Know Where To Look For Value.

In real estate, titles such as buyer and seller are thrown around like popcorn in a movie theater.
Now, while it’s true you likely fit into one of these categories, a broad brush-stroke approach to service isn’t the answer.

You see, your reasons for buying or selling are uniquely yours. With it come questions, concerns and distinct needs.

That’s why, here you’ll find a team of realtors committed to meeting your needs. Take a look at how we’re helping people just like you….

  • determine or negotiate the right price
  • understand the terms of the sale
  • navigate timetables for closing
  • put the right marketing strategies in place
  • understand long-term value in properties
  • ensure loan approval
  • ask the right questions, even the one’s you don’t know to ask
  • find balance around paperwork
  • understand the process and set realistic expectations
  • evaluate resale potential; whether a home will keep its value
  • feel educated about the market
  • make an educated offer
  • gain support from experienced attorneys, title company’s and lenders

You see, it all begins with a consultative approach. Here, you’ll experience realtors who take the time to ask the right questions. This enables us to not only understand your needs but know how to best serve them.

Choosing Your Realtor. Good Questions. Great Results.

Choosing a Realtor- The Wood GroupWhen it comes to choosing your realtor, it’s all about loyalty and trust. It’s about knowing the person you choose to represent you has your best interests at heart. What’s more, your realtor should have the experience, knowledge and resources to support you with a spirit of excellence. Truth is, without these elements, it’s time to move on. You should find a different realtor.

Remember. The purchase or sale of a home can impact your life for years to come. You need to ensure your realtor as committed to the process as you are.

So, whether you choose us or someone else, do your homework. Ask questions.

Here’s a few great questions to get you started:

  1. How many homes has the realtor sold in the last 12 months?
  2. What was the average selling price?
  3. Is the realtor experienced in selling homes in your price range?

And don’t forget to ask about their support team. Think about it. If your realtor goes on vacation, who’s helping you?

Ready to find out what separates our team of realtors from the rest. Here it is.

While many realtors have been in business for less than 5 years, my team of realtors has a track record of success for over 18 years. But that’s not all.

You see, whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you’ll appreciate:

  • our listings sell for almost 2% more than other agents in Tucson
  • our listings sell in 28 days less time than other agents in Tucson
  • detailed information including (examples only: lot size, zoning, flood plane, etc.)
  • exceptional negotiation skills
  • quality images for all properties
  • consultative approach to serve your unique needs



The Real Story Behind Realtors. The Unspoken Truth.

If you’ve heard mixed reviews about working with a realtor, you’re not alone. Truth is, stories are a lot like belly-buttons, everyone has one. But how do you know whether the story you’re basing decisions around is based on truth or half-truths?

Look. One of the most common misconceptions around hiring a realtor is associated with commissions. You’ve likely asked yourself this. What do I really get in return for the commission?

It’s a great question. And it deserves an honest answer. It starts with understanding the role of an exceptional realtor. You see, it’s about more than throwing a few signs in the ground and hosting open houses.

Truth is, your realtor handles the coordination of various aspects of the sale, including:

putting solid marketing strategies in place
examining long-term property values
navigating timetables for closing
determining or negotiating right price
ensuring loan approval
managing and expediting paperwork
educating buyers and sellers about the market
Look. If you’ve wondered what realtors do behind the scenes, you’re not alone. It’s easy to think the life of a realtor evolves around Open Houses. The street signs you see every day, tend to reinforce this belief.

But the reality is this. Realtors are a part of nearly every touch-point throughout the buying or selling process. That’s why, the Realtor you choose should be well versed in all aspects of real estate.

Here’s something else.

Less than 5% of all Open Houses result in the sale of a home.

It’s a surprising fact. But it’s worth noting.

An exceptional realtor will have a solid marketing strategy that goes well beyond listings on Zillow and other popular sites.

Here’s the bottom line. Your Realtor needs to have the right skill set to represent your best interests at all times; well after the sale. This means, examining all details to ensure you won’t be facing legal repercussions years later.

Discover for yourself what it means to work with an exceptional realtor. Our consultative approach will help answer your questions, even the ones you don’t know to ask.

The Wood Group